Earth Science

All instruction is done using our current course management software such as Schoology.

This site is an example of what was used before the new systems became available.

Clickable links are now uploaded into the on-line curriculum into each class or unit as needed.

Sky Dive from the Stratosphere

click on the link for the Atmosphere Puzzle & DO ALL THE Chapter 15 Quizzes here too!

Click here for Atmosphere Quiz

Earth Science Curriculum Growing Crystals with Bluing

Safety Test  GPS Quiz

Why Tides?      Interactive Moon    Lunar Exploration    Moon Journey  Eclipse Chasers

Neil Armstrong Apollo 11    Leap Year or Not?      Earth from the MOON          SUNSPOTS

Constellation Mythology       Bright Star Catalogue

Sedimentary Lab Answers

Sedimentary Rocks

Basic Sedimentary Classification

Yellowstone Virtual Reality

Virtual Guidebooks

Tornado facts Tornado Storm Viewed From Above

Tsunami Satellite Photos**Plate Tectonics

8th Graders mark the position
of the sun on their sun globes.

Fahrenheit to Celsius ConverterTemperature Converter