Arcadia Science Department

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Current Offerings:

Morning Access 7:45-8:00

Period 1: 9th Physical Science

Period 2: 11th CHEMISTRY

Period 3: 10th Biology

Period 4: 7th Science

Period5:11/12th Anatomy and Physiology DistanceLearning (Midplains Community College Dual Credit)


Period 6:Plan

3rd Quarter Nebraska Model Bridge Building Competitors work in Science Room on Bridges

Period 7:8th Science

Period 8: 11/12th Medical Terminology Distance Learning (Midplains Community College Dual Credit)

Courses Ms. Wadas has offered in the past include:

6th Science 7th Life Science 8th Earth Science
9th Physical Science
9-12 Meteorology *

9-12th Astronomy

11/12 Anatomy & Physiology*

11/12 Medical Terminology


Dual College Credit Mid-Plains CC

11/12th Chemistry 11/12th Physics  *

11/12th Applied Physics


Independent Robotics

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